Helping individuals & families break away from
Domestic Violence crisis in Grundy County

The primary purpose of Breaking Away, Inc. is to provide emergency services
to individuals and families that are affected by domestic violence.

Welcome to Breaking Away, Inc.

Domestic violence is a crime that affects citizens in Grundy County and can have a ripple effect on our great community. Domestic violence is violent, aggressive, and/or manipulative behavior that occurs between an intimate partner or family member against another. Domestic violence can have long lasting physical and mental effects on its victims. Approximately 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner or family member in the United States – this adds up to more than 10 million men and women per year. Domestic violence numbers are rising in Grundy County, and domestic violence prevention is very important for our community.

The primary purpose of Breaking Away, Inc. is to provide emergency services to families that are affected by domestic violence in Grundy County. The main service that we provide is temporary housing for domestic violence victims. We consider clients for our services when a police report is made by a victim of current or past domestic violence.

Breaking Away, Inc. also works with several other local agencies to link victims of domestic violence to social services depending on their needs. We are willing to help individuals in crisis who could benefit from support, advocacy, counseling, and the building of self-esteem.

We are the only domestic violence shelter located in Grundy County.

Breaking Away, Inc. offers services to numerous Grundy County families every year. The targeted population is men, women, and children involved in domestic violence on an emergency basis.

We look forward to helping domestic violence victims get to a safe space and break the cycle of domestic violence.


Russell Baker

How can we help?

Victims of domestic violence are eligible to receive services from Breaking Away, Inc. after a police report has been made.

About Breaking Away, Inc.

The primary purpose of Breaking Away, Inc. is to provide family violence services which include temporary emergency shelter to battered individuals and their children.

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Did you know?

Most cases of domestic violence are never reported to the police.


An estimated 25% of women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime.


Females between 20-24 years old are at the greatest risk of non-fatal intimate partner violence.


Witnessing violence in the home between one's parents is the strongest risk factor of transmitting violence to the next generation.